Our society is constantly changing at an ever increasing speed and to effectively reach reach desired audiences, the classical advertising approach is just no longer enough. Today's ommunication measures must be clearly focused and coordinated across all available channels to ensure the delivery of a coherent and effective brand message. The message must above all touch and connect with the customer to generate emotions ansuring brand memorability - and where classic advertising reaches its limits, JEFF takes over to raise its client's market presence. 

Design, consulting, concept and implementation of communication solutions with a below-the-line focus

No matter what brand or product, engaging audiences with JEFF is always exciting. The right selection and use of activation tools depends on the particular aim and target group. Paired with a clear sense for profitability, this conceptual freedom allows us at JEFF to offer clients a one-stop-service helping them develop truly holistic and original ideas - from concept and implementation, to analysis and reporting.